Virtual Christmas Party

                  It’s the season to be jolly! The most awaited season of the year! Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. A time for us to understand the life’s lessons from Jesus. Jesus brought a new religion based on love and the vision of God who is full of compassion and forgiveness; a vision of doing everything with a positive mind set and from a place of love.

            One of the events that happened last season was our Virtual Christmas Party. Most of us were excited for the event because we got a chance to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with our friends and teacher. A single celebration can make memories, spend time with each other and at the same time enjoy. The kids were very excited about Christmas because of the gifts, and a Christmas Party is a great way to reward students for working hard and achieving their goals at school.

This year’s Christmas season might be different because of the Covid-19 Outbreak.It will be a little difficult to celebrate Christmas because we have to do social distancing, wear masks and not to have close contact with other people. Some students are sad because they might not have a Christmas party to attend. But not in Claret School of Zamboanga City. Despite the pandemic, teachers and parents collaborated to find a way to have a Christmas party for the students.

The Virtual Christmas Party was totally different with the traditional one which happens every year. One of the reason that the party was different was because it was done online and there was no physical contact with each other . Instead of giving physical gifts, we gave a greeting video that explained how our friendship started and our wishes for them this Christmas. Our  Manito or Manita got our season’s greetings with the video which they can watch it over again and can be a memorable gift from us. We can also gave them Christmas Cards through online. Teachers and some students teamed up to create some ideas in planning for our very first Virtual Christmas Party. They helped with the presentations, searched games online like Among Us, riddles, charades, bring me and had a sing along. But most importantly, we know what the real meaning of Christmas is and was able to gather around virtually to spend time with each other.

            It was a very memorable party because we got to see each other’s enthusiasm and hear the laughter, got to know each other more and connected with everyone like a virtual reunion. The Virtual Christmas party made us happy, celebrated it in a unique way and made us experience something new.

                                                                                       6-Xifre                                                                                 Resti Rafael E. Pino