Scholarship Programs

A. Academic Scholars

  1. A grade six pupil from a duly recognized elementary school who graduated first honors or second honors will be given a 100% or 50% discount on the tuition during the year.
  2. Claretian pupils/students from Grade I to Third Year High School who were awarded first and second honors at the end of the school year will enjoy 100% and 50% discount, respectively on the tuition during the next school year.

B.Other Scholarship Grants

Several private individuals and institutions are granting scholarships to deserving students. Applicants of the different scholarship grants should see the respective coordinators:

  1. Salamat Po Kai Scholarship Program –  Human Resources Officer of Japan (SPK)
  2. Rhoel Gallardo, CMF Scholarship Foundation  –  School Director
  3. PTA Scholarship   –  PTA Scholarship Committee Chairman
  4. Education Service Contracting Fund for Assistance to Private Education –  High School Principal
  5. Fr. Agapito Ferrero, CMF Scholarship Fund  –  Claret Parish Priest