Schedule of Fees

A. Payment of Tuition and Other Fees

  1. Each student must meet promptly his/her financial and property obligation in the school.
  2. When a student registers in the school, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire school term. A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws, in writing, during the enrolment period, will be charged the registration fee, I.D. and passbook. If he/she withdraws or transfers within the first two weeks of classes, he/she will be charged 20% of the total amount due for the month (tuition, miscellaneous, and other fees) regardless of whether or not he/she has actually attended classes.

The student who withdraws or transfers after the second week of classes will be charged in full, including the last month of attendance.

  1. Miscellaneous, Periodicals and Textbooks fees are payable upon enrolment. Tuition may be paid in full upon enrolment or in monthly installments.

A student’s passbook must be presented when making transaction with the Finance Office. A student will be fined Php100.00 for lost passbook.

  1. Full payment of the miscellaneous, tuition, periodicals, textbooks and other fees during enrolment period will be entitled to a 5% discount.
  2. A student will not be allowed to take the examinations without paying his/her tuition due for the particular month, unless a permission to take the examinations is granted by the Finance Office which should be secured before the scheduled examinations.

            “No Promissory Note will be issued during examination days.”

  1. The school may withhold from a student the permission to transfer if he/she has not fully settled his/her financial and property account with the school.

Tuition and other major fees had to be prioritized over other opportunities ( especially JS Prom/Candlelight and the like ).

  1. All school payments, unless otherwise specified by the proper authority , must be made only at the Finance Office. The school administration will not be liable for any payment made to persons other than the authorized officers.
  2. Any other collections that may be asked of the students must at all times have official sanction of the school authorities. In case of doubt, parents should check with any of the following: The Finance Office, the Principal’s Office and the School Director’s Office.

Finance Transaction Hour:

            Monday to Friday         7:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.      ( No Noon Break )          

            Saturday                                      8:00  A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

B. Schedule of Fees

  1. The officially approved current schedule of fees is prominently posted on the school Bulletin Board for the information and ready reference of all concerned.
  2. Brother / Sister Discount

The following discount privileges in tuition are offered to brothers / sisters enrolled in Claret School:

            10 % discount to 2nd of 2 brothers / sisters

            15 % discount to 3rd of 3 brothers / sisters            

            25 % discount to 4th of 4 brothers / sisters

            50 % discount to 5th of 5 brothers / sisters

  1. Applications for brothers / sisters discount must be filed on enrollment time. Application made beyond said period will not be accepted.

 The discounts will be granted not later than forty five (45) days after classes begin.