Guidance Office

The Guidance Office provides a facilitating atmosphere for the optimal development of the child as an individual in all aspects – intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and psychoemotional.

It engages in an integrated program to assist the student in his/her development and growth and to guide him/her in preparing himself/herself for future goals.

The Guidance Office is open from Monday to Friday at 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. without noon break, and on Saturday at 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon.                          

The following services are offered at the Guidance Office:

  1. Orientation Services

At the early part of the school year, the new students and their parents are given an orientation for a clear understanding of the school’s policies, rules and regulations. Moreover, this is to acquaint students with the facilities and services of their learning environment to effectively maximize their stay in the school.

  1. Testing Services

Other than the entrance examination given to all incoming students upon enrollment, psychological tests are also given to help assess their individual and group needs in terms of academic performance. The following tests are considered:

  1. Diagnostic test in English, Math, and Science through APSA (Asian Psychological Services and Assessment)
  2. Cognitive Ability Test
  3. Learning Profile Inventory
  4. Counseling Services

This is the core of the guidance program around which revolves other services. This particular service helps individual grow in the direction of optimum development in all aspects of personality

Counseling service is conducted individually and in group. Case conferences are held when needed. And when necessary, referral is considered.

  1. Follow-up Services

This is a service that continuously monitors the effectiveness of the school program and services to be relevant. An exit interview is conducted with the alumni to construct data base program which is essential for research purposes

Follow up sessions are conducted among students who are counseled, referred by faculty and administrators.

      5. Individual Inventory Services

This service pertains to the activity of gathering data about the students to enable the counselors, teachers, and administrators understand the students/pupils before counseling is conducted. The information is usually stored in a cumulative folder where the data accumulated about each student are kept.

  1. Group Guidance Services

This is an extension of the counseling assistance to a large group. This service includes homeroom guidance where activities are designed to provide information or experience beyond those provided with the day-to-day learning in the classroom.

An exit interview is conducted with the alumni to construct data base program which is essential for research purposes.