About us


A FILIPINO person who has an ardent love for, responsible and productive citizen of the country; is respectful, appreciative and takes pride of the country’s ancestry, culture and history; stands for, serves and promotes the interests and well-being of the country.

A CLARETIAN person who exercises responsibly intellectual faculties and lives credibly Christian values; is an obedient hearer and diligent server of God’s Word; witnesses  convincingly to the Reign and Greatness of God as inspired by the Spirit in the manner of the charism and ideals of  St. Anthony Mary Claret and the examples of the Blessed Mother Mary.

A GLOBAL person who engages, communicates, collaborates and constructs  as Christ’s disciple in the modern world to live with humanity in justice, peace and dialogue of life; loves and cares conscientiously the whole of God’s creation for the preservation of its integrity; lives consciously for the sustainability of the beauty and treasures  of God’s creation.